Allow Yourself to Play

A few months ago a friend took me to class, and I painted my first picture ever! That was incredible; I was beaming and excited about the painting and the entire experience for days! At first, I felt uptight and intimidated; I’d never done this before. Many beautiful paintings were hanging everywhere, and I had no idea how I was going to make anything look half as good as those!

I realized so much about myself and life that day. Everyone was extremely friendly and calm, just having fun. I allowed myself just to play and go along with whatever happened. If I added too much of a color, I would simply adjust it by adding more water, less water, a different color whatever I felt guided to do. I could feel the tension and judgment melting out of my body each time I would add more paint to the canvas. I began to feel myself getting excited as a little child to the point I just kept a big grin on my face as I splashed paint around thinking of the endless possibilities I could create.

Since that day I have painted so many pictures, I've lost count. If someone had told me before that day, I would fall in love with painting and it would change my life so much I would have thought they were crazy. It is truly the only area of my life that I feel almost zero judgment. Very rarely I will have thought that maybe the color looks wrong or I didn't blend enough, but mostly I'm free and allowing! Sometimes It will seem as though I put too much paint or the wrong color, but then it always ends up perfect, I just let whatever wants to be expressed come out. I see so much more beauty in all things now. And if I catch myself going into judgment, telling myself I can't do this or that, I remember that life is like a painting. There is no wrong creation. You just create and decide if you like it or not and then you choose to create more, decide to create something different!

If you haven't tried painting or any other type of artistic endeavor, I highly encourage it! Even if it seems silly or like something you would never care about doing, give it a shot, you may be extremely surprised at how much awesomeness you gain from opening up to new experiences. Until next time, have lots of fun!!


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