3 Steps to Maintaining Happy Vibes

After committing to being more positive and focusing on things that feel good, you may find that you’ve hit a plateau. Again, all feelings are welcome and need to be felt and released so that they don’t get stuck in the body. But, we all start the journey of more conscious focus with the intention of feeling better and being happier more often. So, what can you do when it seems like you are backsliding into old negative thought loops and nothing is working?


Firstly, catch yourself if you start thinking or saying nothing is working. That will just create more of nothing working. Start there and just notice any times that you go into the stories like, this worked for a little while but now it's not. Nothing works for me, maybe it does for others but not for me. There are many variations of its not working stories, notice yours, write them down and let them go! You are using your powerful creative abilities to create situations and experiences you don’t want!


Be aware of your triggers and stories. This will allow you to take back your power to refocus

  1. Going too far too fast! This brings up tons of resistance and sets people up for failure. I’ve noticed countless examples in book, articles, and videos of suggesting that you write or say affirmations. Affirmations can work, but rewording them to ease you into the new vibration is what I have found to be the most effective. Here's an example Typical Affirmations: I am healthy and fit! Creation Statement:I’m becoming more healthy and fit each day! Or I love knowing my body is becoming more healthy and fit each day! 


    I use each day to soften any resistance the statement is bringing up. Your subconscious hears each day and says, Ok I can do that a bit each day. Also, realize that at some point you will likely be able to use an affirmation and say I am healthy and fit! The creation statements are a fantastic way to ease yourself into the having of a healthy fit body or anything else you’ve chosen to create.

  2. Stop doing things you don’t enjoy, or find a way to enjoy them. Just stop going to restaurants, stores, and events that you don’t like. Stop saying yes when people invite you to do things that you don’t want to do. Sounds simple and it is. But, we often get hung up on overplaying and doing what others want. I’m not suggesting you say no to everything or become a hermit. Just find more balance and allow yourself to say no when you’re not jiving with something. I will often ask myself, what would it take for this to be fun? You can ask that question in any situation, it really helps move stuck energy quickly. You don’t necessarily need an answer. By asking that question you will bring yourself back to the awareness that you are in control and you can choose how you feel at any time, even during tasks you don’t want to do.

  3. Do one thing every day that brings you joy. This one is so important. You have to put yourself first. Consistently doing things for yourself and making you YOU the top priority will help raise and maintain a higher happier vibration. Doing things that bring your joy naturally rebalances all parts of you expands your energy and opens you up to receiving even more. I even remind myself to take just 10 minutes daily to do things that bring me joy. I notice a difference in my mood if I miss 2 days in a row. Life changing and only takes 10 minutes. Do more if you can but again the idea is to keep things easy, practical and lowering resistance. 


Have fun playing around to see what tools work best for you. Some tools work better in certain situations, but it is always great to have a pocketful of tools to choose from! Have a fantastic week filled with tons of love, fun and creation!



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