Where's My Money!?


Money is a topic that most everyone is interested in; Everyone I've ever spoken to about money has made it clear they would like to have more, even the super wealthy. You can read books on finance, banking, investing, etc. but none of these books goes to the root of the money story. Each person has their individual experiences with money, but over the years I've noticed many similarities with my clients, family, and friends. 

Often people think things like they were born into a low-income [poor] family, so that's why they have money issues. Most people think life just happens to them and they have no choice. I've never seen an area where this is truer than with money.

On top of the old ancestral patterns, science is now proving that can get back 14 generations; there's also a tendency to sit around and complain about money with those around us. About all the bills we have, how hard we work, but barely have enough to get by. I see people all the time who are doing pretty well financially that will pretend they're not so that they don't tick off the people around them. These habits, patterns and thought loops can quickly shift and new energy and stories created in your life instead.


Take some time the next few days to notice what your money patterns are. Do you see any similarities with your parents, friends, spouse? Once you identify some of them, intend to be done with those patterns and let them move out of your reality. Then you will want to take some practical actions to help anchor in the new experience with money you’re intending. 

If you’d like help releasing and creating a new money story, you can always schedule sessions with me, when you are ready to make that change. I’m more than happy to help you quickly and easily create more flow and ease in every area of your life. 

As always, have fun and take time for yourself !!





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