Power of Your Voice

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2018

Did you know that your voice is as unique as your fingerprint? Nobody else sounds exactly like you or ever will.. But, your voice also extends beyond the words your speak with your vocal cords.

Your voice is expressed in every email, texts, song or passage in a book you write. I also see and perceive your voice as the energy signature that you leave on everything you touch or create, including every room you walk into and ever persons life you touch.

Take a moment and become aware of how many lives you’ve already touched in a positive way. That’s a lot of lives!!The throat, vocal cords, neck and thyroid are associated with the fifth chakra. It is very interesting that Thyroid issues have been increasing over the years. Many are diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, basically meaning the body is attacking itself.

A good question to ask is: In what ways have I been attacking myself, my body, my truth? Write down your answers. You may be very surprised what you discover.

We as humans are notorious for making ourselves wrong about anything and everything we can. Once you have your list give yourself a moment to take a breath and intend to let all of it simply float away. There’s nothing else you need to do, just choose to let it go. You can visualize beautiful colored healing frequencies flowing into the neck and throat areas and relax as you allow your body to rebalance itself. Use this exercise as often as you like.

Simple yet powerful!I encourage you to look around and maybe even dig out any old creations of yours. Any poems, songs, artwork and just anything that is your unparalleled voice expressed into the world. You may feel resistant or uncomfortable; do it anyway! You can meditate, pray, and clear energy all day but sometimes you just have to do things even when you are uncomfortable. There’s no getting around doing things while feeling awkward, but the more you do them, you will find you quickly master that new skill with ease!

Once you find your particular item, now I want you to share it with at least one person. Our gifts skills and talents are meant to be shared with others. Start off sharing your creations with one person and you will likely feel so excited for others to see your works that you will be motivated to share on a bigger scale!

Here’s a creation statement you can use to help ya get through the resistance to sharing your voice:I easily allow myself to speak my truth a bit more each day! Say out loud 10x in the morning and 10x before bed.

 Wishing you a fantastic week filled with opportunities to speak your truth!



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