What did you say?

There is so much focus on how others treat us and how what they are doing or saying makes us feel. But actually, nobody can make us feel anything! Focusing on them is an excellent way to take the attention away from how we treat ourselves.

So what are you saying to yourself? Have you ever taken a moment to pay attention to the things you are thinking or saying about yourself? Maybe you can take a moment right now and remember some of the thoughts going through your head for the past hour. Were any of them kind or uplifting in any way? Have you thought even one nice thing about yourself the entire day? If not, perhaps it is time to change all that.

To me, saying and thinking bad things about ourselves is a way of cursing. When you realize how many thoughts you have each day and how many of those thoughts are negative and creating exactly what you don’t want, well that is a form of cursing yourself. I seriously doubt most of us would let anyone talk to us the way we can sometimes speak to ourselves. We are often very quick to get angry or tell others off at the slightest things, yet we allow continuous thought loops of self-slander to go on daily. 

We are with ourselves all day and night every single day for our entires lives. So it is of vital importance to get our thoughts focused on good feeling things on a regular basis. I’m not talking about being perfect and never thinking a negative thought again. I’m suggesting you be much more aware of how you speak to yourself and get into the habit of choosing more loving and supportive thoughts. Stay consistent with this and your life will change drastically for the better!

It's not always obviously mean things we say that affect us. Think of how many times you say you are tired, don’t have a chance to do things or how often are you telling yourself and anyone who will listen that you’re so stressed out!? Those are little common complaints that add up and create your life; of being more tired, rushing around and stressed! Some of the more intense thoughts can be saying you’re fat and ugly, hyper focusing and nitpicking on certain body parts. Stories of how you’re not good enough, recounting all your failures over and over again.

If you recognize that you often say these things to yourself, great! Awareness of what you’re doing is the first step to doing something different. Just like you may have gotten into the habit of talking smack about yourself, you didn’t start doing that overnight. You can start new habits of empowering thoughts now! How? Well, next time you catch yourself saying mean things, stop and think, ok what can I say to myself right now that would be a little nicer? Those old habits of crap talk can sometimes start feeling normal, simply because you’ve been thinking them so long. But, being aware of when you’re saying or thinking them and consistently replacing them with nicer thoughts will get you to the place where it feels yucky even to begin to think those thoughts anymore and then you will suddenly notice that you stop entertaining things of that nature.

As always, I hope you all have a fantastic week. Be nice to yourselves and have fun:-)



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