Let Your Feelings Flow

How do you feel about your life right now? When I ask people that question I’m often met with two different responses. The first one is full out complaining about everything and everyone in their life. The second response is forcing a smile and trying to make everything seem great while covering up the truth of how they really feel.


What do these two responses have in common? They both are focused on making something wrong. Making others wrong for how they are being or not being or making yourself wrong for feeling how you feel. Needing or looking for things to be wrong keeps you stuck in a loop of judgment. You don’t create new things by noting everything you hate.


But its also not a great idea to bury your head in the sand and pretend you’re happy when you’re not. The fake it till you make it method can work short term, but in the long run you are likely squishing old anger, pain, and resentful feelings deep down into your physical body. This can contribute to many diseases, disorders and all sorts of mental and physical discomforts.


Are you ready to let all that dense stuck energy go now? So what do you do with your feelings? Here’s a wild idea, how about you feel them?! Feel them and giving yourself permission to let them go once and for all and move on!! It's pretty common for many Spiritual teachers to encourage always looking on the bright side and ignoring how you truly feel. Feelings are getting a really bad rap and it's causing many people to be ashamed and avoid opening up for fear of being criticized. Let’s be real here, we have all been through things that hurt. There are some situations that you just can’t candy coat. They were awful, painful and we’d prefer to never experience them again. But, when we make ourselves wrong for feeling pissed off, scared, disappointed etc we actually lock those energies in our bodies and on some level we are reliving the feeling over and over again. One alternative is to just admit that maybe sometimes you hate people or their actions then take a breath and let all the thoughts, feelings, patterns and programs connected to that person or event just release.


There’s no need to keep talking about it, wishing it were different or trying to make yourself feel any differently about it. Just admit, that sucked I’m not feeling so great about this and then choose to focus on something else. You may very well need to cry, scream or punch a pillow a few times and that’s alright too.


Express your feelings in a healthy way and be honest with yourself if you have more to release. If you feel stuck in a certain area of your life you probably have stuck emotions that you’re unwilling to look at. Honor your feelings, don’t be afraid to ask your body what it needs to let go of. I know sometimes it can seem very scary to acknowledge painful emotions. We think its too overwhelming to face and it can seem like feeling it will only make it worse. But what if that’s just an illusion and true freedom is right there on the other side of that fear?


You don’t have to do this alone. If you’re uncomfortable, please find someone qualified and that you trust to help you through some of the deeper emotions and traumas. Start trusting that you are more easily able to feel without getting stuck in your feelings. As always, be easy on yourself with all of this. Much love :-)


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